About our Practice

Wangard Investment Management is a comprehensive investment management firm offering the broad range of institutional and personal financial services.  Lead professionals Jeffrey Wangard, CRPC®, President, and Jean Wangard, CFA and Executive Vice President, collectively have over 55 years of financial and investment industry experience.  Together they have held positions with Fortune 100 firms in investment analysis, pension management, portfolio analysis and corporate strategy.


Our focus is concentrated in two areas.  The first is to provide active portfolio management for high net worth, corporate cash management, and institutional clients using the full range of account types, structured programs, and advisory programs offered through our affiliation with Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network.   Our clients include municipalities, trusts, estates, pension, legacy and high net worth individuals.


Our second focus is on programs serving individual and group 401k and retirement plan clients throughout the country (see licensed states), with our special services for the self-employed with Individual 401k and Pension plan strategies.  Our clients include physicians, entertainers, sports profesionals, consultants, accountants, and family businesses. 


Please contact us to set up an initiatial consultation at 1-877-444-5344 (direct 262-754-5585) or email jeff.wangard@wfafinet.com.