Association Members

Leveraging National Purchasing Power of FACT (Federation of Consumers and Travelers) for your Individual 401k Plan

If you can't qualify on your own, you can access preferred pricing under our special agreements for your Individual 401k plans by holding a membership to the Federation for Consumers and Travelers (FACT), a consumer group with over one million members, leveraging national purchasing power.  Go to . Note, if you are a policy holder of Golden Rule Insurance, you may already hold a FACT membership. 

Once you have verified or established your membership, call us at 1-866-264-8103 to request an application for your Individual 401k plan with institutional pricing options offered by two of the largest providers of individual 401k plans today.

Note, your preferred investment pricing is not contingent on holding an on-going membership under investment regulations. Wangard Investment Management and Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network a separate entity from FACT and does not have the authority to establish memberships on their behalf.